Insight on UK Hockey

16 Nov

The date was Friday October 9th 2009 at 11:45 PM, It was my first semester at the University of Kentucky and I was waiting in a line outside the Lexington Ice Center about 4 miles from campus with a few new friends.  We had seen posters all over campus for this event “Midnight Hockey vs. The University of Cincinnati” it said, in my few weeks at UK I had attending many sporting events, football, men’s and women’s soccer, and Volleyball, but nothing seemed to similar to this.  We eagerly stood out side the seemingly rundown building, unsure of what to expect.  We finally stepped through the door and all my expectations were flipped upside down.  The rink was in worse shape then my high school rink was at home and looked like it could convertibly fit 250 people (also less then my high school rink).  However, the rink was so obviously overfilled, and the noise coming from it was so immense, my excitement grew.  I paid my 5-dollar admission charge (only sport at UK where students have to pay other then basketball and football) and entered.  We somehow fought our way to glass right next to the rink and waited.  The visiting Bearcats skated onto the ice to a chorus of boos which were almost immediately extinguished and replaced with cheers as the Wildcats skated onto the ice. This event turned me onto UK hockey, the fans were by far the loudest, rudest and craziest ones I’ve have ever seen, at one point in the game, when the score was 12-1 UK, Cincinnati pulled their goalie.  As he was skating of the ice he took of his helmet, he was crying.  That fueled the hate flames even further as he was heckled off the ice.  The final score of that game was 16 – 2.

The Not So Popular University of Kentucky Athletics

When you hear of University of Kentucky sports what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most people wouldn’t guess hockey.  All over Lexington basketball is almost a religion and for good reason.  It’s hard for it
not to be the first thing to come to mind with all their history and traditions
that they have brought to this university.  They have accomplished so much: seven national championships, the first team to reach two thousand wins, an outstanding amount of SEC championship wins, and so much more.
Over the years basketball has been the main pride and joy when it comes
to sports.  It lies in the hearts of all fans and alumni of this university.  UK
basketball, however, kind of smothers the other not so well know sports on
campus.  Besides all of the main focal points, the smaller and not so well known aspects of the athletics on campus have a lot to bring and contribute to this University as well.  For instance there are many club sports on campus that no one knows about, and each is of vital importance in shaping and contributing to the traditions and history that the university has already achieved and created. “The UK club hockey team, known around campus as the Cool Cats, gets a lot of buzz every season. This season will not be any different” (Hayden).

Throughout this paper we are going to explore two topics that are relevant to the UK hockey team.  I will demonstrate both the external aspects of new traditions, a different way for fans to interact with the University, a rising popularity, and the internal aspects of exploring how their team is like a family, how the atmosphere of the game is different from other UK events, and the benefits and problems of playing a club sport


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